Our hardback book is available to buy for just $30.00.

However, if you request a FREE no-obligation meeting with us, we will give you a Free electronic copy.

We genuinely believe it is required reading for every business owner. Co-written with Steve Hackney (one of the world’s leading marketing and business growth experts and creator of the Business Growth System), the book focuses on 3 rarely discussed but critically important areas…..

  • Section 1: Why Businesses Stop Growing – a unique insight into the factors that contribute to the slowing down of growth of many owner-managed businesses.
  • Section 2: How To Grow – a time-tested and proven blueprint to rapidly grow your business.
  • Section 3: How To Financially Manage Your Business – with growth comes growing pains. This final section looks at proven ways to financially manage the growth of your business, with particular attention to cash flow and profitability.

You’ll find the book an invaluable aid both to your business’s growth and the financial challenges every business faces during its lifetime.